Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Two Very Important Dates!

This is a picture from Daniel's ice-fishing trip. This is the white bass he caught!

There are many important dates in my life. Such as Maya's birthday, our wedding anniversary etc. This past week Two very important dates have come and gone. The first date was Sunday January 28, 2007, Daniel's birthday. That's right, he turned 26 this past weekend. We celebrated on Saturday by taking him to the BYU-Air Force game at the Marriot Center. Then I made dinner for everyone at our place and ended with cake and ice-cream, of course. I was just thinking about how important to me this date was. I mean, Daniel was born on this day. This is going to sound pretty funny, but thanks to his mom and dad, I was able to meet and marry the most wonderful and silly guy in the whole world!

The second very important date was Monday January 29, 2007. My mom and dad celebrated their "silver" anniversary (25 years!). I can't believe it has been that long, but I am so proud and happy for them. Some of you may not know, but just a couple of years ago, my parents had their marriage blessed by the Catholic Church. It was something they had wanted to do, but just didn't get to it. I was very happy for them because that was something I had wanted for them since the time I knew that it was important to have your marriage through the Church. Now they can fully participate in the worship and they have grown closer as a couple. This date is very important. Again, this is going to sound silly, but I wouldn't be here if they hadn't gotten married. I am thankful for them and I love them!

Now with all those cheesy shout-outs out of the way, I ran into this Far Side comic. I thought it was interesting in light of the philosophy of religion class I had last semester. I wanted to post this up and see what you all think. Does God have specific and exhaustive foreknowledge? And how do we reconcile that with human free will? Tell me what you guys think!


Nancy said...

Happy Birthday to Daniel and Happy Anniversary to Marquita's parents!

I hope you had a fun time celebrating.

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I'll get back with you in a few.

Have a great week!

Nancy said...

Interestingly enough, I think that we still have our free will, it's just that Heavenly Father knows what we are going to choose.

Now don't I sound cocky? As if what I have to say is automatically interesting enough.

Vickie said...

That is exciting that you had such important dates occur. I am glad that you have found a new appreciation for life. Happy B-day to Daniel and Happy Anniversary to your parents. I love the picture of Maya, but I would love to see more of them. She is a doll. How old is she now?

Shaillé said...

My parents celebrated their 25th anniversary too this past November! When I talked to my mom about it she said how she couldn't believe it had been 25 years already. I was actually looking at some pictures last night of their dating and early marriage years. For some reason it just kinda hit me how they were once at the same place in life that Casey and I are at, and then all the sudden 25 years went by for them. We've got to enjoy every moment and not let life pass us by! :)

I'm looking forward to celebrating Casey's birthday on Saturday - I've got lots of fun little surprises planned for him. :) His and Daniel's birthdays are so close together - tell Daniel a belated happy birthday from us!

As to God's foreknowledge and free agency, here's my two cents worth:
Although we each have our moral agency, Heavenly Father ultimately does know the outcome of everything. I think some people go so far as to say, "Why are we even here on earth since he knows what choices we'll make and what kingdom we'll end up in anyway?" I think one of the important reasons is to prove to ourselves our abilities. God could have just told each person in the premortal life where they would have ended up but then some would say, 'No I would have done better'...etc. So we are given life to prove ourselves - life is a test where we prove to ourselves (and to God) that we can make the right choices and pass "the test" successfully.

Anonymous said...

You're all egocentric. No one cares about your life, your dates, your two cents, your anything.