Monday, February 12, 2007

Superstar, Free Pancakes, and a Tribute to Randomness

Thanks everyone for responding to the question about free-will and God's omniscience. It is a big question in the philosophy of religion and a question that many people struggle with. Just in short, I agree with you all. God knows everything, He knows all the possibilities and He knows us better than we know ourselves. Yet, miraculously, we have agency to help us learn and to grow and to come unto Him.

This past Saturday night, I got to go see the Broadway play Jesus Christ Superstar with my mom. We got tickets for the 8:00pm show up in Kingsbury Hall (Universtiy of Utah). Besides the show being great, I got to spend some real quality time with my mom. We just talked and talked and talked. I know some of you may cringe at the title of this show, but it is definitely worth seeing. It is a powerful rendition of the last days of Christ's life. The main characters are Jesus, and Judas. Interestingly, all of Christs teachings are seen through the eyes of Judas and the play displays implications for our lives today. I looked up the story online and I came across a portion of a term paper written for a course at the American Baptist Seminary. Hopefully, you will check out the link and read more about this play. Judas was the most intriguing character. He was so full of turmoil and truly represented each of us as we struggle to live and love Jesus Christ. The music was amazing. All of this is set to a rock music setting, which takes you off guard cause it seems so opposite to the story itself (the Passion of Christ), but the music was powerful.

After the play my mom and I decided we wanted to grab something to eat (almost 11:00pm!). We decided that pancakes and french toast sounded good and decided to head to IHOP. Our conscience got to us, so we decided to invite my dad to go with us (he absolutely loves breakfast--I got my affinity for breakfast fares from him). We would have called Daniel and told him to bring him and Maya also, but Maya was already asleep. It was like old time with my parents-- just me, a plate of french toast and eggs, and some good company! We got to talk about our (Daniel and I) future plans with school and other stuff. It was really nice.

For anyone of you who are just as crazy about breakfast as me, IHOP is serving free pancakes all day on February 20th! It is to celebrate National Pancake day. It goes from 7am to 10pm on Tuesday February 20th which happens to be the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday and the start of the Lenten Season of fast and prayer in preparation for Easter and the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I ended up getting home around 1am. I was so tired but it was so worth it!

Random pics of Maya

Maya is my little smarty pants!
Maya showing leg ....Maya with Grandpa Dowler


Nancy said...

Cute pictures...

We will definitely have to check out the free pancakes. You know those are Andrew's favorite? They are.

I'm glad you had a fun time at the show with your mom!

When are we getting together again?

Vickie said...

Maya is so adorable. She has so much hear that is gorgeous, I am totally jealous. I am glad that you had such a good time with your mom and dad. That is good. It can be hard to maintain a relationship with your parents when you don't live with them anymore. I will have to definitely check out that webpage. Thanks for always replying on my blog. It makes my day to see your comments. We should get together some time. Next time I come down to Orem we should get together. I would love to see you and meet Maya. Happy Valentine's Day!!

Vickie said...

So apparently I can't type. I meant to say Maya has so much hair, I don't know where hear came from. I promise I really do know how to spell and stuff.