Monday, July 30, 2007


Each child with their unwavering curiosity and bold truthfulness can only be described as innocent. Just the other day, Maya shocked me yet again (I have recently been shocked by her ability to form complete sentences and a whole slew of "innocent" misdeeds). She likes to play at the kitchen sink and "wash" things. Well as she was doing that one evening, I sat down at our dining table to make a note of all the things that would be needed for our upcoming camping trip. I looked up lost in thought, and vaguely noticed Maya crawling off of the chair by the sink. I barely noticed her walking over to me with purpose, and I definitely didn't notice that her little hands were concealing something until it was too late. She looked at the notepad I was writing on, took a quick glance at me, and before I knew it, she poured a cupful of water onto the table. I was quick enough to save the paper at least. I was so shocked. This was definitely a calculated act towards me. But it was not out of malicious intent. Only out of her curiosity to see what would happen and how I would react. *sigh* ahhh...the innocence of childhood.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Four years is not nearly long enough

Two days ago Daniel's little sister, Hana, got engaged to her longtime sweetheart, Benji. That night, they came over to our apartment to announce the news we all knew was inevitable. As they were recounting the story and showing us the beautiful ring, I couldn't help but let my mind wander. It was taken back four years to the night when Daniel and I had gotten engaged. As Hana couldn't help smiling, I remember that I too, was all smiles as I knew that I was going to marry the most wonderful man. A cell phone ring brought my thoughts back to the present and I saw Daniel sitting there talking with his future brother-in-law. I saw a man who is smart and capable and who loves me with all of his heart, and more if he could. My eyes shifted back to the happy engaged couple and as I saw them snuggle and looking into each other's eyes with anticipated excitement, I knew that the love between Daniel and I had grown.

As I look at our Maya or as I feel the comfort of just being near Daniel I know that our love has matured. We have grown together as we faced both the good times and the bad, we've grown closer and more aware of each other and we have fallen even deeper in love with each other's better self. You see, we were once like Hana and Benji, excited and feeling like we could never love this person more than now. But, because of a miracle, we love each other even more, and I know that that love will grow even more, and I thank God over and over for that.

Happy Anniversary Daniel!

and Congratulations Hana and Benji! I hope that you will find as much love and fulfillment as we have found in being together!