Thursday, September 24, 2009

A whole load of pictures

A whole bunch of random pictures of Maya and Vivi and of our camping trip up the Uintahs. Enjoy:) (Summer and Fall 2009)

Ok, so I wasn't going to type a lot, and I'm not, but these require some explanation. Maya has gotten into this thing of "posing" for the camera. Here are some shots of her "posing"

Ok, now for some pictures of us up in the Uintahs.

Campfire photos:

Down at Trial Lake. Daniel got a pontoon boat and we took it for a spin:

Back at camp:

Here's some pictures of Vivi "posing"


Nancy said...

Maya and Vivi are both getting so big! Looks like you had an eventful summer. :)

Carrie said...

SO CUTE!! I especially love the pictures of Maya in those boots! And Vivi is such a doll. You have two beautiful girls (who obviously take after their mother).

Shaillé said...

It's great to see pictures of you all! It looks like your camping trip was tons of fun! Your girls are so cute!