Saturday, June 27, 2009


I never had one but I am glad that these two have each other. When I was pregnant with Vivi, I was so worried about how Maya was going to take everything. I've read so many stories of older siblings doing horrible things because of jealousy or reverting back to their baby days. Would Maya know that we love her? How would she react to the new baby? I am blessed. Maya is the best older sister anyone could ask for. She plays with Vivi, she helps me out with Vivi, and most of all she loves Vivi. There are moments of jealousy but mostly she shows it by trying to get the attention back on her (e.g singing louder, being more obnoxious...etc.). The neat thing now is that Vivi is starting to pay a lot of attention to Maya. She watches her when she plays and when she sings and a lot of the time she has a big smile on her face.

Yay for sisters!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Hunt for the Elusive Grayling...over at last.

would you like a fish?

The summer before we left for Korea we just about camped ourselves silly. On one trip up to the Uintahs we were out to find the elusive artic grayling. Well folks, we finally found 'em! (after 2 years...)

Well, I guess Daniel found and caught them. I was technically at home asleep in my bed when Daniel snuck out this morning on an impromptu trip up the Uintahs after his grayling obsession.

The grayling has an awesome dorsal fin! I guess it lost some of its purple hue on the trip home in the icebox.

The others Daniel caught:
I guess now we're on the look out for a good grayling recipe....when we find one I'll let you know.

Summer Fun

Yesterday I was reminded of what summer should be like. Hot sunny days, cooler pleasant nights, best friends, and lots of fun. We had the neighbor kids over to have fun in the kiddie pool and, of course, popsicles!

Here's a picture of Maya and her best friend, Keri, from next door.
Cute, eh? I didn't actually get any pictures of them in action...I was too afraid to get shot with streams of water from the pool. They had fun watering our lawn and our trees.
Here's another picture of them off to more mischief next door:
I did get some pictures of Vivi in the pool, though

Needless to say we'll have the pool up again real soon.