Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Disappointing Healthcare

I don't know much about the healthcare debates that have been rocking our country but I definitely want to know more especially after what Daniel got told this not too long ago. Here's the story:

For about 1 1/2 to 2 months Daniel has had this sore on his upper gum that started out as what seemed to be a common canker sore. Because I thought it was a canker sore (or maybe something stuck in his gum pocket) I didn't rush to make the needed dentist appointments for the family. Well, it kept growing and irritating Daniel more and more (I know, I'm such a bad wife) that finally after a month or so, I made the appointment. We found out it was a growth on the gum that definitely needed to be cut off and biopsied (just in case it was something serious). The dentist referred us to an oral surgeon who he knew took medicaid (that is what we are on...actually, we're on PCN, but it's a type of medicaid). Daniel made the appointment with the oral surgeon for a consultation. There, they checked the growth out and made a course of action. But, they weren't sure if medicaid covered that kind of dental work. The lady in the office told Daniel that she would check on it and that they could go ahead and make an appointment and when they found out if the surgery was covered they could either keep the appointment or work something else out, since they were SO busy. She told Daniel that the soonest they could work on him was the middle of October.

Well we waited a few days and the lady finally got back to us. Unfortunately, medicaid doesn't cover that kind of surgery. We would have to pay the costs ($300 for the doctor's office and $200 more dollars for the biopsy) out of pocket. What could we do? Daniel definitely needed that growth cut out...it was only getting bigger and more irritated. So he told her that he would go ahead and get the surgery and just pay out of pocket. *Now, here is the whole point of this post* She then told him that she could move up his appointment to the Friday of that week (it was a Tuesday by that point). Daniel was a bit perplexed, didn't you say that the office was busy and full until the middle of October? He asked her that exact question and you know what she told us? She explained that since he would be paying out of pocket they could get him in right away. They only see medicaid patients once a month because they don't make as much money off of them. Daniel and I couldn't believe she just outright said that.

Daniel wasn't as surprised as I was.......he could tell you all the reasons why healthcare sucks these days. But, I was shocked. I was shocked that making money seems more important to them then treating and caring for patients.

Well, Daniel got that growth cut out---a procedure that took all of 10 minutes--- this last Friday ( 9/25/09) and now we are waiting on the biopsy information.

Crazy, huh?

How we almost got SCAMMED

The last few weeks Daniel and I have been on the look out for a new car (we found one! pics on later post). About a week ago on KSL.com I thought I found an unbelievable deal on 2008 Volkswagon Passat. The original listing said it was for only $4,500 in Salt Lake City. Of course, I replied to that listing right away! The email the guy sent me explained in great depth why he was selling it so cheap....his mother has breast cancer and he is in need of fast cash to help pay for the surgery, the car is actually in New York and he's in Canada, and he explained that we will use eBay motors as an escrow service where they will hold the payment for the car until we receive it and approve and then only then will he receive payment. At the time I thought it sounded like a good idea since he was claiming to use a reputable company like eBay motors to watch over the account and guarantee the shipping. Plus, he sent a ton of believable photos of the car along with the email. Daniel on the other-hand was a bit more suspicious. I continued corresponding with the guy asking him questions about shipping and things and was pretty set on getting this car. We gave him our shipping address and he supposedly gave that to eBay motors to open an account for us. I received an "official" eBay motors email (in my spam mail) detailing how we were to send the payment. The email looked all official and eBay-like to me and it said we were to use Western Union to send the initial deposit of $1750 to some David guy who was to be our eBay motors agent. This made Daniel even more suspicious and he did some reading on the official eBay motors website. Well, this is where we KNEW that this was a big scam. According to eBay motors there are a lot of scams out there claiming to use eBay motors. EBay motors never uses Western Union or Money Gram in their money dealings and they never act as an escrow service for their sellers, ever.

I was totally bummed, it was a total scam! But the bad thing was that I wanted it to be true so badly and I wanted to trust this guy so much that at the point where we read all of this info on eBay motors I was still giving this guy excuses. I told Daniel maybe he wasn't from the US and was using eBay incorrectly, but that it was still legitimate. Or maybe eBay motors makes some exceptions or something. Daniel finally looked at me and said, "honey, this guy is trying to take our money and hurt our family....do you want to try and trust him and let him do that?"

So Daniel wrote him an email back telling him off and that was that. I had always heard that there were tons of scams all over the online classified ads, but this was the first time I actually encountered one. Well, interestingly enough as I was looking some more on KSL and on craigslist, I found two more scam ads. They were just ads that sounded like a good deal and I emailed them about it. Then I got the same kind of story "oh, the car is in Washington or Illinois and I am trying to get money to pay for my taxes so my house doesn't get taken by the bank and I will ship the car to you if you pay me this...." This time I just emailed them back telling them "no thanks."

Have any of you guys run into scams like this?

Thursday, September 24, 2009

A whole load of pictures

A whole bunch of random pictures of Maya and Vivi and of our camping trip up the Uintahs. Enjoy:) (Summer and Fall 2009)

Ok, so I wasn't going to type a lot, and I'm not, but these require some explanation. Maya has gotten into this thing of "posing" for the camera. Here are some shots of her "posing"

Ok, now for some pictures of us up in the Uintahs.

Campfire photos:

Down at Trial Lake. Daniel got a pontoon boat and we took it for a spin:

Back at camp:

Here's some pictures of Vivi "posing"