Monday, August 6, 2007

A little knowledge

The other day, I ran into this book at Costco:
Everyone Poops, written by Japanese author Taro Gomi, is a humorous biological children's book about a very natural process that everyone does: poop. I couldn't help myself, so I read it. It is really rather charming and cute. At Costco, you can buy this book as a set with The Holes in Your Nose, The Gas we Pass, and All About Scabs. I enjoyed it because Maya is learning to potty train right now and I don't pass (no pun intended!) a day in which I explain what we are supposed to do in the bathroom. I really think that I will go back and buy that set.... for Maya of course. ;)


Nancy said...

Good luck with that potty training thing.

One of my sisters finally told her son that Santa doesn't come to children who don't use the potty.

He was too young to remember the Christmas before, so it worked...

marquita chiquita said...

ha ha , that is really funny!

Nancy said... are things coming along for you, packing-wise? If you need to drop off Maya for the day, feel free :)

Joy said...

hey, that book is cute! Good luck! When are you guys going to Korea? I haven't heard from you in a while!

Nancy said...

I'll just answer for Marquita...they are leaving for Korea tomorrow morning (Aug. 30). So, we'll just have to wait for more updates. I know Marq. was looking into another template for the blog, perhaps using a different ummmm...blogging company, I think.

Anyway...they're doing good, just stressed with packing and cleaning the apartment and everything. But they're also excited.

Source: a chat that Andrew had with Marquita using my account so I read it. Is that like eavesdropping?

jen said...

i love this book!!! i have the Holes in your Nose. I haven't read the scab one.... maya looks so big! and so cute!